5000+ Important General Knowledge One Liner In English Part-23

5000+ Most Important General Knowledge Miscellaneous One Liner In English

5000+ Most Important General Knowledge miscellaneous One Liner In English

5000+ Most Important GK miscellaneous One Liner In English

Important General Knowledge One Liner In English section is a very important section to be asked in competitive exams, so to strengthen your preparation, we bring here 5000+ General Knowledge related questions. You should remember all these questions carefully.

Part – 23

Important General Knowledge One Liner In English

1. Which game is Davis Cup associated with?
Answer: Tennis
2. When did the last female Alpine ibex disappear in France?
Answer: 2000
3. To whom is the resignation letter of a State Public Service Commission member addressed?
Answer: Governor
4. Equatorial forest of the Amazon basin is known as by which name?
Answer: Selvas
5. To which work is Devichandraguptam related?
Answer: Chandra Gupta II
6. Purification of petroleum is carried out by which method?
Answer: Fractional distillation
7. Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to which field?
Answer: Literature
8. From which sector is the largest contribution in India’s National Income?
Answer: Tertiary sector
9. Thick stems and thorny wax coated leaves are commonly found in which area?
Answer: Deserts
10. Who is most famous for” the establishment of an elaborate system of municipal administration?
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya
11. What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach?
Answer: Duodenum
12. Which is the State having the largest population of scheduled castes?
Answer: Utter Pradesh
13. Where will be the Time period in a vibration magnetometer infinite?
Answer: At magnetic pole
14. Which is considered to cause an adverse of effect on Indian monsoon?
Answer: El-nino
15. Who was a lexicographer?
Answer: Amarslrnha
16. Who was the first Indian to be honoured with a lifetime achievement Oscar Award?
Answer: Satyajit Roy
17. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat?
Answer: 32”
18. Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child?
Answer: Quantitative analysis of DNA
19. Which region does not receives much rainfall in the south-west monsoon season?
Answer: Tamil Nadu coast
20. By whom was the city of Agra founded in 1504?
Answer: Sikandar Lodi