5000+ Important General Knowledge One Liner In English Part-29

5000+ Most Important General Knowledge Miscellaneous One Liner In English

5000+ Most Important General Knowledge miscellaneous One Liner In English

5000+ Most Important GK miscellaneous One Liner In English

The General Knowledge section is a very important section to be asked in competitive exams, so to strengthen your preparation, we bring here 5000+ General Knowledge related questions. You should remember all these questions carefully.

Part – 29


1. Who has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office before the expiry of his term?

2. Which is the most malleable metal?

3. For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on which source?
Answer:Taxation only

4. The altitudes of heavenly bodies appear to be greater than they actually are. Why is this?
Answer: Atmospheric refraction

5. During the Mughal period which trader first came to India?

6. A Fortgotten Empire’, written by the renowned historian Robert Sewell, is about which Empire?
Answer:Vijaynagar Empire

7. Which group of plant produce naked seed?

8. What is the maximum strength of the nominated members in both the Houses of Parliament?

9. Who discovered the laws of planetary orbits?
Answer:Johannes Kepler

10. Which God lost his importance as the first deity during the Later Vedic period?

11. Who gave the first experimental value of G?

12. Photochemical smog occurs in which climage?
Answer:Warm, dry and sunny climate

13. What is the Planning Commission?
Answer:An Advisory body’

14. What do the surface of Earth that lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic, of Capricorn?
Answer:Torrid zone

15. Which is the most important divinity of Rigveda?

16. Which communicable disease is caused by bacteria?

17. Who is considered the guardian of the Public Purse?
Answer:Comptroller and Auditor General

18. What is the conversion of Fe++ to Fe+++?

19. What percentage of insolation is received by the earth’s surface?

20. Who was the famous Indo-Greek king who embraced Buddhism?

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